d2lite now available as a 6-wire installation - 2008.11.17

All d2lite chips with a yellow serial number sticker can now be installed using just 6 wires. For more information, take a look at the updated installation guide in the resources section.

Update Blocker Added to d2lite in new v1.2 Firmware! - 2008.11.12

Head over to the resources section to download a new copy of the d2lite v1.2 ('Aurora') firmware and accompanying config discs. After the firmware update, you will be able to take advantage of the new Update Blocker feature. This lets you choose to stop other-region firmware updates delivered by other-region games that can cause serious problems.

Minor Update to Installation Guide - 2008.09.08

The Installation Guide in the resources section has been updated to highlight the fact that the firmware (also downloadable from the resources section) must be applied before the chip will work.

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